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BREAKING: Shep Smith Goes Ballistic, Punches Co-Worker After Being Fired By Fox News

Shep Smith lost it this morning after he was let go for what he said in a statement was “an egregious violation of the trust between a journalist and his publisher.” According to Fox, the violation came when Smith called President Trump a liar repeatedly on live television.

According to Cynthia Luwhoo, an intern at the station, Smith came charging out of Rupert Murdoch’s office like a madman and went Godzilla on the newsroom:

“He was knocking stuff over and throwing things. Kicking barrels and screaming. He was very frightening for being one of the gays. He certainly seemed straight in that moment.”
That was when Smith walked over to his (now ex) coworker, Sean Hannity, and asked him why he was smiling. Hannity answered:

“I’m not laughing, Shep. We’re all sad to see you go.”
At that, says Luwhoo, Hannity went from smirking to laughing. That was when Shep Smith ruined his chances of having an actual career ever again. He hauled off and punched Sean Hannity right in the nose. Hannity fell back, bleeding, but stopped security from taking Smith into custody for the police:

“Sean knew he went too far. He let it go. At the end of the day he has a great show and Shep is unemployed.”
Fox hasn’t released a statement on Shep’s departure other than to say the terms were “amicable.”

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