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Pissed Off Muslims Demand Apology From Texas Sheriff…He Fires Back With 4 BADASS Words

After a very rousing Facebook post by The Smiths lead singer, Morrissey, about the Manchester Arena killings, others are beginning to speak their minds without fear.

The Progressive agenda of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and puppet master George Soros is dying a slow and painful death.

Nevertheless, the Political Correctness that has been slowly strangling the very life from America has nearly killed Europe.

Despite the fact that ISIS took responsibility for the tragic Manchester bombing, you’ve still got Leftists screaming at everyone that we shouldn’t be blaming Islam.

But Texas Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree has seen the future of America in what is currently unfolding in Europe and he has a few choice words.

MAD World News:

“On Monday night, Murphree took to Facebook to implore Americans to ‘pay attention to what is happening in Europe,’ concluding that with open borders and political correctness comes terrorism and the subsequent Islamization of the West.

As expected, leftists were monitoring Murphree’s posts for any disagreeable speech, hoping to blackmail him with accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ and hate speech.

Like clockwork, a screenshot of the post spread, prompting Muslims to demand an apology and that the Texas sheriff is reprimanded for practicing his First Amendment rights.

Without hesitation, Murphree responded to those demanding his silence by openly doubling down on his stance, saying, ‘I stand behind it.

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